Chain Link Fence

Our chain link fence posts are hot dipped and galvanized both inside and outside, and topped with heavy duty caps. The wire is attached securely at each post. The wire fabric is galvanized after the weave to prevent rusted tips. We take extra care to secure posts as strongly as possible. Maximum post spacing will not exceed 10ft, and posts will be set in 3 feet of concrete. Our galvanized chain link product is perfect for defining your property lines, keeping animals enclosed, protecting your children and adding value to your home.

Galvanized Chain Link Fencing

In this process, the wire is pre-galvanized before it is formed into a fabric. The weaving process creates an exposed cut end that will lack coating and be more apt to some minor rust in wet and severe weather conditions.

Color Chain Link Fencing

The galvanized steel core wire for producing extruded PVC coated steel chain link fence fabric is produced by cold-drawing good commercial grade steel rod into wire of the appropriate diameter. The steel rod from which the wire is drawn is produced by the open hearth, electric furnace or basic oxygen process. The galvanized coating is produced by passing the cleaned wire through a bath of molten zinc which conforms to ASTM B6. The extruded PVC coating is produced by extruding PVC at a coating thickness of 0.015” (.38mm) – 0.025” (0.64 mm) over a galvanized core wire.